October 6, 2012 Kenneth

Internet Marketing Ridgefield CT, Connecticut Fairfield County – Basic 101

I am putting together a series of posts – I already have a number of YouTube videos on these subjects, check out our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/InternetMarketingCT.

So Internet marketing the basics.  What is it?  It is simply put – marketing using the Internet…Oh comon I hear you say.  Absolutely it is as simple as that but so badly misunderstood and often mis-directed.  Quite often that is not the fault of business owners, as they are just learning the ropes. But is also due to the fact that they are directed by friends, web developers and “experts” in the field of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), who lead them way off course.

Usually it goes something like this:

  1. Joe Soap wants to start an Internet Business or have an Internet presence for his services
  2. He pays Mr Developer $5,000 to build his website…Psst (You can do it for free with WordPress – nevermind)
  3. The developer also says: “Hey Joe, I can also add on a SEO package to your web site that I normally charge another $5,000 for, but will give it to you for $1,000.  It will get you to front page of Google”
  4. or sometimes a developer just throws SEO in as additional service so he doesn’t lose original project from Joe – heck I am a developer I must be an SEO expert too.
  5. The website is beautiful, Joe is happy.  Big problem though!  No customers.
  6. He tells all his friends and family and of course many of them come visit, so he has increased (minimal traffic) but no NEW customers
  7. So Joe phones Yellow Pages and advertises with them for $750 a month
  8. and Joe also runs an advert in his local paper at $350 per week….OUCH!!!
  9. Still no traffic – big problem!
  10. He gets a call and email from company based in Oregon – he is in Connecticut and is told they can get him on front page of Google for $99 a month.  Let’s do it says Joe and he signs up
  11. Still no traffic – big problem!

This is not an exagerration at all but a common theme I hear from most people.  It is TRUE.  They bleed money and lose faith in the power of the internet and the ability to successfully market their products and services over the internet.

So the problem with the above story?

  1. Don’t use a developer to do your SEO work unless he has a proven track record
  2. Your Website is the CORE foundation of your Internet marketing strategy!!!  Make sure it is friendly for search engines to find.  Hire an SEO expert to work with your developer.
  3. Why do people still use traditional print based media to advertise their web presence?  It makes no sense at all.  Sure you can use it in tandem with your Internet Marketing strategy, but don’t use that as the fall back.  Those print based media companies have dwindling numbers and are becoming less and less effective.  Beside the price you pay for advertising could pay for your SEO and Internet Marketing guru to come and assist
  4. None of the FREE internet marketing channels out there have even been used.  Mainly because business owners don’t know about them, don’t have the time or don’t understand the importance of them.

Okay so that is it for this Blog entry.  Check back for next part as we explore further…



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