December 18, 2012 Kenneth

Online Marketing Is Like Seeing A Therapist

Online Marketing Is Like Seeing A Therapist!  That is what I keep telling more and more of my clients and here’s why.

Before you start off your online campaign, it is best to just sit down, even lying down on the sofa works, and lay it all out.  Start of by stating where you want to be, if you had an unlimited budget and unlimited resources.  Why do you want to be there and what do you expect to achieve from your online campaign?

Do you want to generate fun, interesting and engaging Social Media Campaigns with many Likes and your name/brand spread all over the internet?  Do you want to be creating rocking videos that are informative, witty, clever and creative? Or do you just want to be on the front page of Google for every keyword and string possible?

Once you have blurted that all out, just keep talking.  Tell yourself or whoever wants to listen, why you have failed to get to that point?

Once you have finished and unloaded everything, then let your therapist talk…:-).

The vast majority of businesses that are successful online DO NOT have unlimited budgets, nor do they have unlimited resources.  What they almost all share in common is a plan that is consistent and they stick to it.

One of the most common complaints I hear is that folks have a lack of time.  You literally only need 5 mins per day, that is it.  Too much for you?  Then ask yourself, if I don’t have 5 mins now, then how will I find the extra time when those additional customers I want come knocking?

If you think about it, if you do 1 small thing everyday, then by the end of the year you would have completed 365 positive “things” for your business.  This takes time, as does all Therapy sessions remember.  Many people continue to put it off and ignore the need to do it and the funny thing is often I joke with these people about it.  We actually share a laugh that we were having the same conversation this exact same time last year. I always say to them , can you imagine where you would be now if you had started a year ago?

So when you have off loaded and listened to your therapist and she assures you that all is well, you are not alone and YOU CAN DO IT, then typically you get sent away with things to do.  You have to actually apply the principles you have been taught in order to make the positive changes in your life.

The same applies here.  All the theoretical knowledge in the world counts for nothing if you don’t start implementing that knowledge and/or action into your life.

Right! Now that this therapy session has come to it’s end, I ask you not to close the article and simply say “That is so true, I will start after the holidays”, but rather go take a seat and grab a pen and paper and blurt it all out.

Then outline where you want to be and finally take the actual physical action.  Be CONSISTENT and remember it is not a race.

Set up your calendar and focus on one channel for now.  That may be your website content, SEO, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs or something other.  Do that now, even if it is a one line post, one new connection on LinkedIn, one response to a tweet, simply signing up for a Blog or whatever. Just Do It (sorry Nike!)

In the words of Lao Tzu, Even a Journey of a thousand miles starts with a SINGLE step.

Good luck and may be 2013 be a great year for your business!


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  1. Kenneth,
    I love the analogy. As a therapist, I see connections between goal setting and follow-through. Putting the time aside equals small steps toward change. Be on the lookout for what you procrastinate doing, there is information there for all of us that put certain tasks off. Be curious, why are certain things done and others put off. Interesting….

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