A Retailers Guide To So-Lo-Mo

I love this infographic that Monetate has put together.  As we have known for a while, smartphones and mobile are becoming increasingly important with shoppers and local retail outlets need to be prepared.

Even though conversions through mobile devices are really low right now (+/- 1%), there are a few telling points within this infographic which I like:

  1. 90 million American consumers accessed RETAIL content on their smartphone
  2. 96% – YES 96% of smartphone users researched products on their phone – i.e. if you DON’T have an online presence you will LOSE.
  3. 90% acted within 24 hours. i.e. they are READY to BUY – be prepared to be ready to SELL!
  4. 66% visit the stores.  So they research online but still visit local stores. i.e. again if you DON’T have an online presence they can’t find you and you will LOSE
  5. 50% use smartphones to assist in shopping decisions. i.e. make sure your online presence HELPS them to make the decision.
  6. ONLY 48% of retailers have mobile optimized sites. i.e. OPPORTUNITY for those who have mobile sites
  7. 82% of smartphones users spend time on apps as opposed to 19% who spend time on web browsers.
  8. 80% of smartphones users access social media channels on their phone. i.e. GET SOCIAL
Take a look for yourself, it is very interesting and if you are still on the fence and not investing in your business’s future you will only realize it is too late when……..it’s too late.

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