Do the Basics First – Local Directory Marketing

August 29, 2013 Kenneth

Do the Basics First – Local Directory Marketing

Quite often in our quest for global domination with our online businesses we forget about the basics or the simple things.  One of the first things I always do when speaking with clients and they tell me their plans, is make sure they buckle down and dominate their local market first. 

There are plenty of FREE channels out there to help you with this.  Right now I am ignoring your website SEO, Blogs and video and talking just about local directories.  The vast majority of the time people ignore these or don’t use them properly or sign up for the “premium” versions where they just giveaway their money.

I can assure you, signing up for the free versions and doing the listing right will save you a heap of money and also get your business found locally online above your competitors and work just as well as the premium listings.

There are many directories out there but the main ones I always recommend first and are the most powerful are:

  1. Manta
  2. Merchant Circle
  3. Yelp
  4. Superpages

These sites all have a heck of a lot of traffic, which means the search engines give them a lot of “weight” in terms of importance. This means they could even show higher on search results than your actual website.

Here’s a couple of Tips:

  1. When listing your business name always add your town and state after it – YES EVEN IN THE TITLE. For example ABC Floor Cleaners – Pleasantville, OH.  This helps with SEO and getting to the top of search results.
  2. In the description and About Us fields, don’t give your life history and philosophy.  Pack it instead with keyword rich content that people use in search to find your business type.  Again, add your town / city name, state and County!
  3. Write your business Name and description as well as your product and service offerings on a word document and save it.  The reason is that you are going to have input similar info for each listing.  So instead of re-writing it each time, do it once in Word, save and then Copy and Paste.

When complete with the above do the same for:

  1. Google Places
  2. Yahoo Business Listing
  3. Bing Business Listing

That should get you on track like a BOSS!

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