It Is Not a Cookie Cutter Approach!

January 31, 2014
January 31, 2014 Kenneth

It Is Not a Cookie Cutter Approach!

What I am seeing increasingly is companies selling cookie cutter services to businesses.  They are selling these services cheap and are looking for volume.  They do not really care if you succeed or not as they put that down as natural attrition and as long as they add more new subscribers each month than they lose they are still making money. And you are LOSING unfortunately!

When it comes to marketing your business on the internet and running a social media campaign it has to be unique.  It has to reflect your business, your goals and objectives and your client base.  Don’t fall for these companies with large call centers or anybody who says they have a process that can be replicated over and over again and that is it super simple and easy to do.

I can tell you from past experience that I work with 3 very similar clients in the retail space for example.  2 of them are within 30 miles of each other and the 3rd one is about 300 miles from the other 2.

Even though they sell the same product, are in the same industry their marketing campaigns look very different.  What works for one, does not work for the other that is 30 miles down the street.

Facebook and Email work wonders for 2 of them, but not the other.  Pinterest works great for 2 of them (NOT the same 2) and not for the other.  Twitter is a lifesaver for one of them, but not the other 2.

Sweepstakes work well for all of them and different lead generation and conversion strategies are used with varying results.

So although we know how to generate the leads and convert the leads, the point is the way we go about this is very different for all 3 and that should be the case for your business too.

No 2 businesses are the same and their marketing strategies should reflect that.

Do not use a cookie cutter approach.  Be different, make sure the campaigns reflect the core essence and personality of you and your brand.  Customize your online campaigns so they work efficiently and speak directly to your target market and engage with them on their turf.

Don’t simply follow everyone because they are all jumping onto Pinterest for example.  Understand where your audience is and if that platform is a place where they are present.  Know too if that platform enables you to spread your message across accurately and effectively.

It is tough to make money online and so you should know exactly why you are doing everything, what you need to do and how to do it.

Don’t be cookie cutter.  Make your’s unique!