Is Your Social Media Message Connecting?

February 19, 2014 Kenneth

Is Your Social Media Message Connecting?

One of the most asked questions I get is…How do we measure the return on our Social Media activity?

You can monitor this pretty quickly without going into complicated analytics.  Let’s take Facebook for example.  How do we go and manage the effectiveness of our marketing efforts?

  • Firstly we need to understand that Facebook is a social media platform where people go to see what their friends and family are up to.  They are not going there to get updates on a business.  Remember that.  Engagement first. Build a relationship and then start selling.
  • The best place to look to monitor the effectiveness of a post for example is the amount of likes.  A like is a thumbs up, meaning nice work…The reader is saying “I Like It!”
  • Also monitor the comments section and the amount of comments.  That means your post has enough in it to get a response from someone and you are getting them engaged.
  • Also keep an eye on the “share” amounts.  The more shares the better.  When someone shares your post, they are saying, damn this is a good post that resonates with me.  I want to share this with my network!
  • Keep going back every few posts to monitor the effectiveness of each one compared to past posts.  This will help you determine which type of posts your audience appreciate the most.  That will give you a compass to use for future posts!