3 Great Ways to Use Google+ to Help Your Marketing

September 15, 2014
September 15, 2014 Kenneth

3 Great Ways to Use Google+ to Help Your Marketing

Google + has many Awesome Tools to help with your Online Social Media Marketing

Here are just 3 of those Google+ Tools you can use Today

1. A FREE Webinar tool to reach a broad audience:

Hangouts On Air allows you to broadcast you and your brand for FREE and on Video.   This is completely linked and integrated into your Google+ and YouTube accounts and whilst it is streaming your live content to the world, YouTube actually records the streaming video and posts it to your YouTube channel.

Add some good SEO to that and you have just created yourself some great free content that is working for you on Google+, YouTube and can be shared on your blog and social media platforms.  Who said creating content was difficult?

2.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) help:

By publishing links to your website and content in your Google+ posts, you can be certain that those posts will show up in Google search.  Make use of this simple strategy.  It was only a couple of weeks ago that both Nike and Starbucks admitted to using Google+ social platform, not because of the amount of people using that social platform, but rather because of the favorable SEO components.

Although Google don’t admit it, we see it filtering through really nice to search results.

3.  Use the Circles to target your Posts:

Let’s admit it, not all our posts are intended for everyone.  We have different type of followers, different types of clients many that are unique and using circles allows us to really narrow down our message and focus a certain message with only certain groups.

Think about that when creating circles and your marketing and posts will be tailor made to your audience.

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