3 Ways To Improve Engagement On Instagram

December 18, 2017 Kenneth

3 Ways To Improve Engagement On Instagram

3 Ways To Improve Engagement On Instagram

OK so before I rush off and go crazy showing you little tricks and tips on how Improve Engagement On Instagram — which by the way I will do in future posts, I want to start on the fundamentals here…There are so many folks wanting to use Instagram to grow their business, raise their profile and improve their brand awareness, which is awesome, but they are making a few mistakes right before they start.

Remember we can use social media to build relationships, trust, have conversations and grow our business but we have to have real strong foundations in order to succeed over time.  So I want to focus on 3 things right now that will help you improve your engagement, which will mean you will have more conversations with people, add more value, make an impact, increase your exposure and hopefully improve the number of leads you have.

#1 – Make Sure You Have The Right Followers

We need to stop becoming so addicted with the quantity of followers and start focusing on quality.  This isn’t a popularity contest…christopher-burns-360257

If you don’t have the right people following you who want and need your content, do you really think they will be engaged with your posts?  NOPE…So when you’re targeting new followers…use the right hashtags, comment on other IG users feeds who are aligned with your type of work and courage conversation with communities that will consume your content.  Don’t forget that bio of yours too…make sure it let’s users know exactly what they are getting.

#2 – Know Exactly Who Your Audience Is…

nicholas-green-324622Who is your audience?  What are their goals, pains, need, problems and desires?

What do they like?  What are their interests?  Know their demographics and psychographics…Know as much as you can about them.  Understand what content they are consuming, who are they following and what conversations are they having online?

The more you know about your ideal audience and those people you want to attract into your life and business, then the better your content will be that speaks to them.  When you know your audience and produce high quality, relevant content, that connects with them guess what..?

Your engagement will increase…

#3 – Create the Right Content

So you have the right followers and you know your audience inside out.  What next?3 Ways To Improve Engagement On Instagram

Well you need to produce content that is going to promote engagement.  What does that mean?

Well firstly we have to realize that we are competing for their attention…Users are inundated with content everywhere they go today.  I mean if you even go to the rest room or pump gas you are exposed to ads…we can’t catch a break from exposure to content…

Your first stop is your image.  Is it a thumbstopper? Is it going to stop them scrolling, pause and contemplate your content.  The image and headline is to get them to keep reading the rest of your words.  Once you have got their attention, make sure you content adds value, asks questions, promotes conversation, asks for opinion, feedback, sharing or tagging.

What would get you to comment on a post?  What is going to get someone to pause and actually take the time to type their comments, especially if they don’t know you…

Think about these 3 points…contemplate them every day before you just go out their posting like you’re in a rush…

Keep trying different content…test…review and adjust…

Let me know what you thought of this post and what your biggest challenge is with Insta…

To Your Success


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