Why You Should Consider Webinars To Grow Your Business

December 20, 2017
December 20, 2017 Kenneth

Why You Should Consider Webinars To Grow Your Business

Why You Should Consider Webinars To Grow Your Business

OK so I think about this…What does every single business need to succeed?

What does your business need to succeed? You need sales right? Well in order to get sales, you need a constant stream of new leads or prospects viewing your products and your offerings.  You need to be presenting your products and services… 

So what do you need?

You need a constant flow of cold traffic, warm traffic and hot traffic. Your cold traffic is people that don’t know anything about you or what you have to offer.  Why should they care to listen to you?

Want traffic is people that have consumed some of your content, they displaying some form of interest and perhaps have given you their name and email address in return for something of value.

Hot traffic are those people that are purchasing your product, they love you, they enjoy you, they are going to share your stuff with their friends and they become evangelists of you and your products.

OK so now with regards to the online marketing world — is it’s very difficult to sell something just by people staring at the screen and looking at a whole bunch of words. What would be better that just reading text on a screen? What do you need that is better and more effective? Well it would be great if you could speak to those people face-to-face wouldn’t it?

Webinars allow us replicate this face to face interaction. They allow us to take that cold audience to a warm audience to a hot buying audience in a very short space of time and that’s what this blog article is all about…

OK so how can you use webinars to grow your business online?

Number One:

It allows you to take that traffic from cold to warm to hot very quickly and more effectively that anything else online it becomes your 24 seven infomercial…

Number Two:

A webinar can do multiple things at once. It allows you to display your knowledge, build a relationship, build trust, create interest, create desire, show them what’s possible with your product, persuade them, convince them and get them to take action…and you can even up-sell afterwards

Number Three:

A webinar allows you to position yourself as a trusted expert through the process of information selling, which means that we are going to educate them. We are going to give them an abundance of knowledge and insight. We’ll give them an abundance of information, a different angle, share with them some secrets, demonstrate, use case studies and so much more…OK?

It is super powerful to display so many facets of your offering and of you and get them to understand why they need your product, how it can work and how it can help them.

Number Four: 

A webinar allows you to provide massive value, to absolutely deliver some of your best stuff. It’s almost like a trial offer…it’s a sneak peek into your head, into your back office, into your course and to get them excited.  You can use them effectively to create that desire from your prospects.

Number Five:

Webinars allow you to build trust. The more information you give them that’s valuable, the more information you give them that shows them what is possible and that they can do this…then the more the desire from the prospects perspective is going to go up and the trust level is also going to go up…

And guess what? As desire and trust goes up so…do your chances of conversion into an actual sale go up.  Perfect!

Number Six:

They allow you to present your offer right there. In a very short space of time you can go from not knowing this person…this person knowing nothing about you, or how you can help them, to presenting them with an offer worth thousands of dollars. Webinars are an extremely powerful tool to help take your prospects from zero knowledge of you…zero understanding of who you are, to…

WOW… I have to work with this person. I need the product and I need it now

Number Seven:

Webinars allow you to capture peoples information such as their name, their email, their mobile number etc. They become a prospect of yours, so even if they don’t buy from you now…you will have opportunities to present to them in the future.

Their name and their email address is an asset. It’s an asset for you and your company.  Treat it as such, even if they do buy now that means they are a hot customer. That means you can up-sell them, you can add value, can solve the next problem they have and help them reach their next goals.

So friends, that is the value of using webinars for your marketing and sales process.  Embrace them, implement them and go make some crazy good impact out there… 

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