Online Santa List For Entrepreneurs

December 23, 2017
December 23, 2017 Kenneth

Online Santa List For Entrepreneurs

Online Santa List For Entrepreneurs

OK so it is coming up to Christmas time so I thought I would put together this Online Santa List For Entrepreneurs, so that you begin to manifest success into your life and business.

#1 Awareness

People need to become aware of who you are. If you are obscure nobody can buy your products and services. Make sure people know about you…your business…your products and your services!

#2 Relevancy

You have to be relevant. Once you become known to people, you have to be relevant, you have to be in front of the right audience, offering the right solutions to their problems. If you’re not relevant your message is going to go along being unnoticed.

#3 Sales Funnel

You have to have a sales funnel, a constant pipeline of new leads — your cold audience that do not know you — push them through the sales final so they become an audience who knows you, likes you and trusts you. You want them become a warm audience and from there you change them into a hot buying audience.  These are people who love you and appreciate you and they become repeat customersThey share you and your products and services with their friends.

#4 Relationships

Marketing is all about relationships. The more relationships you have, the better relationships that you have the more successful your business will be.  Focus on building relationships.

#5 Conversions

Traffic is not the problem. Conversions are the problem. You need to convert the traffic into leads and into paying customers. Focus on your conversion process and amplify your business.

#6 Value

Add value to peoples lives every single day…get their attention. Stand out from the rest of the crowd and all the junk and noise that’s out there. Offer tremendous value, make an impact, leave a legacy, make a difference in peoples lives on a daily basis with your work, with your product, with your services, with your brand…

#1 Attention

We are all in the game of getting peoples attention. That’s what the game is — you need to get peoples attention so they become aware of you. You provide them with solutions to their problems, you build relationships, you build strong lasting relationships, you convert them into paying customers add massive value, keep them coming back and back and back and back…but the first step is attention. You are competing for attention.

Make sure you get their attention.

To Your Success and have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.


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